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I can help you overcome the barriers to success and will help you achieve your goals. I guarantee that I will treat your business like it's my own and that I will help you get the results you want. 

I am a certified internet marketing professional and marketing consultant. I have a passion for productivity, technology, success and to be honest coffee! I am also a loving wife and mother of two beautiful girls, an avid SEC football fan and an amateur photographer.  I live in Magnolia Springs on the beautiful Gulf Coast and love this area.

I strive at developing effective marketing strategies that get results. I help businesses large and small, overcome barriers to success through consulting, training and support services. Specializing in internet & digital marketing with over 6 years experience, I have contributed to the success of many businesses just like yours.

Whether my clients have spent months or just a few hours here and there with me, they’ve all learned first-hand how much I care about their success. And how much of a difference having an expert who really cares can make.

I want to help you reach your goals. I want to be your partner for success. Please take a few minutes to look around the site or grab a cup of coffee and give me a call to find out more about what I can do for you.

Kindest Regards,

Megan Faust
Digital Marketing Consultant
LocalEdge, A Division of Hearst Media

There are several things I can do for you. Here are a few examples: 

Virtual Director of Marketing
You’d love to hire a Director of Marketing, but it doesn’t make sense to pay overhead like employee benefits, taxes, workers compensation, etc…

So how about a VIRTUAL Director of Marketing? 
Someone who brings new ideas, steers you clear of mistakes, maximizes the impact of the dollars you spend?   But without the overhead. You can have this wonderful type of relationship with me. I keep the relationship simple so it can be flexible to meet your needs. As an independent consultant, I require no employee benefits or overhead-simply a retainer fee.  We meet weekly at an agreed upon day and time via web meeting.  You can see me and my computer screen on your computer.  We spend time together; addressing your concerns and/or working through processes and planning.  The first session generally sets expectations and then we frame a plan based on your goals. The main goal, of course, is to grow your sales faster than you could alone.   I am always available between weekly sessions via email or by phone to maintain momentum (I don’t ever want you to feel you have to wait until our next session to deal with something.). Ultimately my role here is to help you plan and direct you down the path for success with your marketing by being a reliable and trusted adviser.

Internet & Social Media Strategy Development: A formal Internet and social media strategy that involves an audit of what you are currently doing. A review of your competition, market research, analyzing opportunities and developing a written plan for your strategy. Developing a true understanding of Internet and social media strategies can be difficult enough let alone the implementation of a long-term approach that actually yields results. Whether you need to learn the basics, or you are ready to begin structuring your business to meet your goals, you need a strategy.

Monthly Coaching: I offer monthly coaching online through GoTo Meeting. This provides you with face-to-face time and recordings from each session for future reference. We can discuss current and future strategies, training on specific tools or general consulting. As an entrepreneur and thought leader I have valuable experience and knowledge to share in a wide range of business topics including marketing, business development, start-up challenges, human resources, management, employee engagement, process improvement, cost savings and much more.

Strategy Call: If you would like to just schedule a brainstorming/strategy session on an as needed basis, I am available hourly.

Virtual Training & Development Sessions: I offer training sessions via GoTo Meeting on internet marketing and social media including all of the major platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and WordPress.  You will receive a recorded version of the session and hands on development and modifications to your profile and or page as we work together during the session.

Staff Training & Development Sessions: I offer on-site or on-line training sessions on Internet marketing, Social Media, Employee Engagement and all of the major social media and web 2.0 platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, etc.  You and your team will gain the knowledge and powerful tools you need to work effectively. You will also receive a recorded version of the session and hands on development as we work together during the session. 

Marketing & Social Media Management Services: I also offer marketing and social media management services to handle all aspects of your Internet marketing or social media strategy including development, implementation and management. Meaning I collaborate with you and then develop and implement your marketing strategy without you having to worry about the day-to-day tasks. I handle it all A-Z with your business goals in mind. This package includes development, copywriting and graphic design services as well. Please contact me for more information; cost varies depending on the complexity of the plan.

Creative Services: As a talented copywriter and graphic designer I also offer creative services for my clients including copywriting, graphic design and desktop publishing. Do you need to re-energize a marketing campaign with new graphics or compelling copy? Do you need a dynamic design to make your brand stand out? Do you need a copywriter with experience in SEO to optimize your website or blog? Do you need a website, blog or marketing materials? I am available on an as needed basis or by retainer to help with your creative service needs. I will work with you and your budget to give you the best results at a price you can afford. 

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