Virtual Marketing Director

Virtual Marketing Director
You’d love to hire a Director of Marketing, but it doesn’t make sense to pay overhead like employee benefits, taxes, workers compensation, full-time salary, etc.

So how about a VIRTUAL Director of Marketing? 
Someone who brings new ideas, steers you clear of mistakes, maximizes the impact of the dollars you spend?   But without the overhead. You can have this wonderful type of relationship with me. Clients normally hire me because they have a list of issues they need help with.  In those cases we get started on those.  If not, we have a process we take you through to evaluate your current marketing to generate a plan for better results. I’ll add consistency to your marketing, save you thousands by helping you avoid mistakes AND keep you on track to help you reach your goals.

How My Virtual Director of Marketing Relationship Works:

Reliable & Flexible Support
I keep the relationship simple so it can be flexible to meet your needs. As an independent consultant, I require no employee benefits or overhead-simply a retainer fee.  We meet weekly at an agreed upon day and time via web meeting.  You can see me and my computer screen on your computer.  We spend time together; addressing your concerns and/or working through processes and planning.  The first session generally sets expectations and then we frame a plan based on your goals.

The main goal, of course, is to grow your sales faster than you could alone.   I am always available between weekly sessions via email or by phone to maintain momentum (I don’t ever want you to feel you have to wait until our next session to deal with something.). Ultimately my role here is to help you plan and direct you down the path for success with your marketing by being a reliable and trusted adviser.

Some Examples of What I Can Do As Your Virtual Director of Marketing
  • Branding to better deliver your marketing message to the right audience
  • Product development and marketing launch for an online e-commerce company
  • Doubling sales and increasing long-term visibility for a small business owner
  • Turning ideas into actual businesses, helping with start-ups
  • Advising on the creation of websites, blogs, social media platforms
  • Generating ideas, launching campaigns, and measuring the results
  • Creating engaging customer experiences and loyalty programs
  • Advising on advertising and media buying and spending

Creative Services
Writing content, design, etc., are not part of the monthly fee.  I can certainly do things like this for you, but these services would be additional and require a quote based on your specific project or the scope of the work to be performed.

No Long Term Commitment
There is no long-term commitment, but there is an initial three-month commitment.  This lets us discover what’s necessary to make INFORMED decisions and to form a plan based on the specific needs and goals of your business. I feel it would be a disservice to make recommendations unless I have time to make fully informed decisions, so please understand that is also for your benefit.  

I understand that marketing strategies sometimes require sensitive information. With this in mind your information, tactics, and strategies are always strictly confidential.

Retainer Fee
This is fixed agreed upon fee paid each month in advance via PayPal or by credit card. Starting at $500/Month. This fee varies based on the scope of responsibilities and tasks to be performed for each client. Please contact me to discuss your needs to get a quote on what your fixed monthly retainer fee would be.

You have read this far because something I said made you feel like this could be a good option for you.  Call me at 251-680-4079 or email me right away, while you’re thinking about it. I’m happy to talk and ascertain if we’re a good fit for what you need. The initial consultation is FREE. There is no obligation so you really have nothing to lose.  

Kindest Regards,
Megan Faust

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